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Stateguard Logistics and Gatehouse

“Our management team is committed to ensure the processes needed to achieve our company safety objectives are maintained and its effectiveness is continually improved through all company resources.  ”

stateguard professional management

“ It is  our  intention to protect our employees from   accident or ill health at work. The company will seek to ensure that all our equipment, systems   and practices do not constitute a risk to the Health & Safety of our employees and we will consult with employees on risk improvements. ”

Work Health & Safety Management System


We believe safety is everyone’s responsibility, and our refreshed WHS Strategy reinforces our commitment to a strong safety culture.

Our WHS Management System has effectively demonstrated our commitment to these prescribed safety thresholds through relevant and frequently updated safety policies and procedures. This achievement is continuously reviewed with StateGuard undertaking frequent surveillance and auditing by internal and external auditors Sustainable Certification auditors.

SIX elements of our effective safety management system:

Safety management systems make health and safety an integral part of our business core operations, and part of our service provision to our Australian Customers.

Our safety management systems consist's of  six elements:

•    A safety plan
•    Policies, procedures and processes.
•    Training and induction.
•    Monitoring.
•    Supervision.
•    Reporting.


ISO 9001
ISO 45001
ISO 14001
JAS ANZ Certified
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