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Rapid Response

StateGuard Protective Services owns and operates its own fleet of patrol vehicles to provide our clients’ with quality Mobile Patrols and Alarm Response services.

StateGuard Protective Services provides patrol services to a large and varied client base across Australia.

Based on geographic coverage our patrol ensures response times are kept to a minimum and in line with Australian Standards.

Our Service is auditable and transparent in every way.

Our mobile security patrols can assist you with:

  • The opening and closing your property or facility

  • Full internal inspections of all buildings and rooms

  • External inspections including fence-lines both entry & exit points

  • Staff welfare checks & staff escorts

  • Machinery inspections

  • Installation of highly visible warning signage to appropriately positioned

  • Rapid Reports on any damage or graffiti

  • Rapid Reports on any suspicious or unusual activity and incidents

  • Safe city and community patrols

  • alarm and emergency response

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Why StateGuard?

Rapid Response

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A sophisticated, state of the art A.S.S.I.S.T app where we track, report & monitor every movement for a rapid response.

A1 Grade

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StateGuard operates 24/7 with A1 grade monitoring having state of the art equipment and skilled personnel to give best results.


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StateGuard creates record of all the incidents happening under surveillance and supply enhanced reporting to our clients.

External & Internal Inspections

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StateGuard Mobile Patrol Officers inspect externally or internally the whole premises as per the clients' needs.


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StateGuard Officers do a complete site mapping to ensure all the key risk areas of the property are safe.


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StateGuard advocates sustainability and eco friendly products. Our fleet of hybrid and semi-hybrid patrols are up to the mark.

Our Satisfied Clients

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