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Complete retail protection, perfected.

We know exactly the constant stress you face trying to prevent after-hours break-ins and shoplifting during opening hours. It's your merchandise and cash reserves at risk - losses that cut deep financially while also harming reputation and customer experience if stores appear vulnerable.

Between increasingly brazen grab-and-run petty crimes during daylight, and sophisticated smash-and-grab attempts under darkness targeting our highest value goods, we retailers have to vigilantly balance profit with protection.


We have crafted StateGuard's customized retail solutions so owners can focus on operations, not vulnerabilities. Our smart surveillance and rapid response personnel integrate seamlessly to proactively shield stores from such omnichannel threats. Let's chat about coverages so you too can rest easy at night.

Why StateGuard?

  • 20+ years experience protecting Australian enterprises

  • Proprietary technology for intelligent video and access control

  • Core focus on tailored retail security solutions

  • Diligent monitoring protocols for rapid escalation

  • Seamless integration with notifications, IT infrastructure

24/7 Live Monitoring Full HD Color Nightvision

Core Competencies

Dissuade & detect after-hour intrusions
Visually verify shoplifting and liability incidents
Remotely manage multiple sites/cameras
Intercept incidents early through smart analytics
Rapid response by nearest officer via ASSIST app 
State of the art CCTV installation techniques and technology

Certified Protection

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Intrusion Detection

Loss Prevention

Remote Access

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