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Stateguard Security crowd control

StateGuard Protective Services - Your Trusted Security Partner

As a premier security company based in Melbourne, Victoria. StateGuard leverages over 25 years of experience providing dependable and adaptable security guarding and protection services spanning sites of all sizes. Whether you require ongoing security officers monitoring your property or special event guards, our personnel integrate seamlessly into your environment with helpful, diligent customer service securing your assets. StateGuard commits to complete safety peace of mind.

We achieve this through maintaining stringent world-class standards screening and developing all guards. A rigorous two-stage vetting process including identity checks, skills competency assessments and more ensures only capable officers are employed. By investing in our security guards with competitive long term positions, equipment and continuous training, StateGuard retains one of highest guard retention rates statewide. This enables unmatched consistency guarding our clients.

Screened Officers Equipped for Responsible Protection

Frontline security guards act as key representatives shaping site visitor first impressions. StateGuard officers balance diligent patrols and backup coordination requesting support services as needed with a guest service mentality focused on kindness. Custom uniforms and professional conduct reinforce attention to performance. Response protocols also enable seamless transitions addressing security incidents or spikes in traffic flow.

StateGuard Security Personnel are;

  • Licensed and Insured

  • COVID-19 Trained

  • Well Equipped

  • Police Checks Background Clearance

  • Passionate and Motivated

  • Experienced and Reliable

  • Sharp and Vigilant

  • Leader and Team-Player

  • Punctual and Prepared

Consistent Onsite Guarding Scaled to All Needs

From home owners to businesses to corporations, requiring occasional overnight mobile guard checks to construction companies needing monthslong static site protection, our flexible security teams work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to provide the precise coverage your property requires. Customisation using risk analysis management planning, personnel selection and technological support ensures right-fit security packages.

Access control systems and backup response units to complement guarding. StateGuard stands ready to fulfil any security requirement reliably around the clock. Our commitment to protection never waivers.

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