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Environmental Solutions

StateGuard is committed to its Environmental Management Plan and the reduction of its carbon footprint. We are committed to positive futures with positive energy consumption.

Whether it is the use of electronic and paperless systems through to the use of solar cameras and remote solar solutions, in every aspect of our business we work towards reducing carbon emmissions.

Solar Site Cameras

Our Solar Camera solution brings professional level security camera solutions to any location and environment across Melbourne for short and long term projects.

Wind and Solar Lighting

With the commitment to CPTED policies and the importance of Safe Spaces for the Public and Clients we have lighting and safety solutions to increase visibility and functionality of previous and current dead spots within occupied space.

Solar Network Solutions

In the absence of network and services at remote locations we provide solar powered networks and internet services to help our clients work and function equally on and off the grid.

Paperless Reporting

Our application ASSIST provides live, tailored and automated reporting and analysis of every step of the way from the commencement of every service to the clients of StateGuard.

Active Services

Image by Grant Ritchie
Image by Jake Nebov

Client A

"Stateguard have provided us with a completely paperless solution to
our daily processes and have given us a live and transparent portal to access everything we need. It has also saved us hours or work and costs from the previous processes"
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