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Healthcare Services by StateGuard

StateGuard provides a full suite of Health Services for Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities and Medical research companies who operate Nationally and Globally.

Our diverse range of services means we can tailor and expand our service to any requirement with trained personnel on short notice and to the highest operational standards.

Services include;

- Safety Escort Services for Medical Staff

- Patient Watch

- Medical Facilities Site Security Management

- Asset Management

- Live Incident Reporting and Analytics

- Body Worn Cameras

- Live GPS Staff locators

All serviced and connected to our National Operations Centre through our own technology.

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Our security Staff working in public health facilities may be involved in managing patients or other
individuals who may exhibit disturbed and / or aggressive behaviour.

Some hospital clinical care areas are at high risk of the occurrence of disturbed and / or
aggressive behaviour from patients. These areas are to be identified through risk assessment and local
processes then procedures are to be developed for these areas.

There may be other clinical areas where patients with specific medical conditions also pose a
high risk. Patients should be identified through a clinical risk assessment only from qualified medical staff.


For the purpose of this policy, restraint refers to manual or mechanical restraint only. Restraint
is only to be used as the last resort in managing a disturbed and / or aggressive patient or other
individual who poses a risk of harm to themselves or others.

There is an international shift towards the reduction and, where possible, elimination of the use
of restraint in health facilities. StateGuard supports this approach.


A safer approach to managing the care of patients who exhibit disturbed and / or aggressive behaviour is one that focuses on prevention strategies especially communication, engagement, situation awareness
and appropriate case management.


This approach is likely to have a better outcome for staff, patients and members of the public.

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