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Adaptive Scalable Software & Integrated Smart Technology



Transparency is central to our relationship with every client.

But in a complex business environment, how do you maintain that transparency?

Our answer is the ASSIST.

StateGuard ASSIST is our proprietary technology solution which is completely customisable and individually configured to every client based upon their needs and requirements.


Our cloud-based reporting app "A.S.S.I.ST" allows for any incidents to be captured in real-time and be available for every time. With the real-time communication between security managers, frontline personnel and clients, you can get a more accurate and up-to-date view/monitoring of your operations and manage them in the most efficient way possible.


Types of reporting available through the A.S.S.I.S.T app examples but not limited to below;


1. Geo authenticated log on and off and daily shift reports

2. Fully customised incident reporting forms

3. Live personnel access for safety and recorded patrols and checks

4. Work Health and Safety Reports

5. Live handover with Client Access

6. Patrol checklist reports  

7. Patrol Tour (NFC / Barcode)

8. GPS Tracking Reports

9. Handover Checklist/ Task Assignments per shift

10. Visitor Management application

11. All reports are accessible via ASSISTS Dashboards live and globally via Desktop, Android and Apple.
By capturing all data through the one software platform we can assess every operational task and recorded activity to provide a comprehensive and complete assessment of our services and make recommendations based on the assessment of all of the operational challenges and risks to make the best possible solutions and improvements. 


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