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StateGuard Donates to Western Health Foundation

Dear Ben,

Thank you so much for your kind donation to The Greatest Need. With your donation we can support the immediate needs of our most vulnerable patients, while also assisting our researchers to tackle some of the biggest issues impacting the health and wellbeing of our community. Health issues like Type 2 diabetes, which affects 35 percent of all inpatients at Western Health, plus kidney disease, heart disease and cancer.

You may remember reading the story of Debbie* who was faced with the prospect of being homeless, after her diagnosis with terminal cancer meant she could no longer work. Through The Greatest Need we were able to assist her with a month’s rent so that she could secure a place in transitional housing.

When Debbie was asked what support from The Greatest Need meant to her, she responded by saying, “I can’t describe how I felt when I received the call telling me that Western Health would be able to help me out with my rent and with food vouchers,” says Debbie. “I was so touched by the kindness. I just thought I am saved. I am not going to be homeless.”

It’s these small acts of kindness - thanks to the generosity of donors like you - that make a big difference in the lives of our most vulnerable patients.

Ben, on behalf of the many patients like Debbie who will benefit from your kindness, thank you!

Kind regards

Julia White

Director, Western Health Foundation


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